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Lisa Finander, Author, Web Designer, Artist, Teacher

Lisa Finander's Portfolio


HDR photo of an angel statue in the snow. Antique Singer Sewing Machine a small iron fairy in a patch of dead nettle Resin fairy statue under a tree a face in a shape of a tree- garden statuary in the snow A photograph of a sparkler taken in slow motion. B&W photo of the Science Museum in St. Paul Century College Bridge photo edited in Photoshop A close up of a hydrangea flower in the fall A view of St. Paul from an overlook in the winter The French Garden at Duke Gardens A long haired cat sleeping by her toys


A digital painting of a black and white Siberian tiger in the snow with the aurora borealis in the sky Gustav Klimt inspired picture created digitally Hummingbird logo design Hummingbird logo design 2 Hummingbird logo design 3 Hummingbird logo design 4

Website/Blog Design

Tumblr blog design Tumblr blog design Tumblr Website/Blog Design Home page/Blog Design. Website Menu page about page blog page blue banner


Dragonfly Diptych pastel painting B&W ink painting of a cat. Graphite portrait of Brian. Pastel painting of a bird feeder on a branch of an apple tree on a snowy day. Pastel painting of a fountain in the shape of a drop of water. Still life in pastels. Angel and evergreen shrub pastel painting


Winter party invitation-2D animation Star Wars kinetic typography html page image Start page of the Halloween Game Digital signage for a pretend pet store

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