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Lisa Finander, Author, Web Designer, Artist, Teacher

Lisa Finander Writing Services

Lisa is the author of Disneystrology. As a published author, she has been actively writing articles and blogs for more than 14 years. She works with individuals, organizations, and artists from all over the world to help them achieve their writing goals.

Photo of Lisa Finander Writing

Developmental Editor/Writing Coach

In addition to her own writing, Lisa also works with nonfiction authors writing in the mind body spirit genre as a developmental editor and writing coach.

She assists authors in envisioning, clarifying, structuring, and refining their writing project. Lisa provides an encouraging environment to further their process.

Contact Lisa for information on the variety of services she can offer both you and your organization.

Lisa Finander Web Design

Lisa will create an engaging, functional, and accessible web site targeting the clients you want to attract.

Her specialty is working with people that are unfamiliar with the technology and design process essential for creating a successful website.

Lisa's art, Light Flight

Digital Graphics

Lisa uses a variety of tools and software programs to create artwork and animations enhancing the content on your website or blog.

To see some examples of her work, view her portfolio.

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